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Road to Success… Major Projects > 1985-89

Direction is more important than speed. However our speedometers have clocked pinpoint precision delivering results within accepted timelines. This makes our milestones really special.

With each advancing year KMC has strengthened on its offerings. The years gone by represent our focus and direction. Milestones reached have always been cherished and celebrated. KMC is embarking on a highly innovative chapter in the company’s history with utilising state-of-the-art technology and green concepts to pave the paths into destinations.

The result is a synthesis of breathtaking offerings across premium infra space. The confidence gained executing turnkey projects across last 40 years is the fuel to this momentum.

Aptly titled “Road to Success”, presenting a unique insight into some of our project experiences. Each project presented here has been a learning curve and shares a sense of direction as we move ahead on our Mission.

Sl.No.Name of WorkProject Value
(Rs. in Millions)
Year of CompletionProject Image
1Strengthening the existing two-lane section from KM 161/0 to KM 206/0 of NH-45181985
2Strengthening the existing reach from KM 420/449 to KM 432/25 of Madras - Vijayawada Section of NH-5141985
3Construction of Flyovers (6 Nos) in Visakhapatnam Steel Project271986
4Re-laying of Bituminous Wearing Course for the main Approach Road 121986
5Second Stage Strengthening of Bangalore - Pune Road from KM 545/0 to 569/0 of NH-4111988
6Formation of Cement Concrete Roads, Drains and Culverts for LCA Project in HAL, Bangalore101989
7Second Stage Strengthening of Bangalore - Pune Road from KM 385 to 404 of Nh-4101989