M.Goutham Reddy

Managing Director

M. Goutham ReddyThe eldest son of Mr. M. Raja Mohan Reddy, M. Goutham Reddy holds a M.Sc. (Textiles) from Manchester, UK, and is well acquainted with management of businesses overseeing the smooth, efficient and profitable running of the Organization. Mr. Goutham Reddy hailing from a strong business background is one of the chief promoters of the Group. Having put in an appreciable, enriching and highly diversified experience he is one of the chief driving forces for the success of the company.

Mr. Goutham Reddy has added strategic direction to the Group enabling it to speed up its growth process in a very effective manner. He has reduced the employee turnover ratio and helped to identify and retain the best talent. As the head of the organisation all important decisions, corporate policies and market strategies are given the final endorsement by him in close cohesion with the other members of the managing board.