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KMC is fully committed to achieve Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) excellence and conducting its activities in a highly responsible manner.

Over the years, the importance of EHS has been stressed and extensively promoted as a corporate culture within KMC, clearly reflected and well defined in KMC’s value statements of ‘Managing our operations with high concern for safety and the environment’ and “Being a responsible corporate citizen”.

KMC is committed to think and work with responsibilities so that the employees, the community at large, and the environment are protected.On the road to EHS excellence, KMC has embraced and incorporated the principles and codes of best EHS practices into its redefined world-class EHS Management System.

Safety Vision and Our Safety Principles

We aim to evolve into a world-class, safety-driven infrastructure organization by conducting our business processes and operations with commitment to the highest standards of safety, health and environment consciousness.

  • Safety is a core organizational value
  • All injuries can be prevented and occupational exposures minimized
  • All incidents must be reported and acted upon
  • Working safely is a condition of employment and contract
  • Training employees in safety is essential
  • Safety ensures good business

At KMC, safety is a culture that has always been given prime importance. We treasure our employees and value our infrastructure, hence adhere to stringent safety principles.

Since inception, numerous initiatives have been undertaken across departments to ensure that all construction processes are executed with a high level of safety consciousness.
To this end, a significant amount of time, effort and resources have been invested in maintaining a safe work environment. At KMC, training programs are conducted periodically on various aspects of operational safety, and have been made mandatory for all new employees to undergo a safety induction-training program. This also ensures that every employee working on site wears appropriate personal protective clothing and safety equipments.