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Work Environment

Professional Freedom & Entrepreneurship
KMC believes in providing professional freedom to all employees and open up avenues through which they can realize their full potential. Individuals are introduced to both responsibility and accountability quite early in their career. This has helped in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within the organization that KMC are extremely proud of.

Creativity and Innovation
Entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation and creativity which is promoted in every sphere within the organization.

KMC is an equal opportunity employer irrespective of caste, religion, gender, color, race or region, reflected in the rich and diverse workforce across India. We value the diversity that exists within team and leverage this to bring about synergy within the organization and are proud to say that KMC’s workforce represents almost every state in the country.

Employee Development
Employees represent what a company stands for and the value an organization produces is unequivocally linked to the collective efforts of its people. KMC realizes that the growth of the company can be sustained only through the continuous development of the people who contribute to the success of the business. Hence the group concentrates efforts on harnessing the potential that each new employee brings to the organization.

Identifying Potential
At KMC leadership potential is critical to the success of the organization and employs a robust process of identifying potential in individuals. Each of the middle level managers goes through a process that clearly identifies their strengths, development areas and aspirations for the future. This is supported by a structured process of development, which includes movement within the organization.