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Hume Pipe

Hume PipeKMC is a manufacturer/supplier of various classes of Hume Pipes for use in infrastructure projects for water supply systems, sewerage systems, pipe culverts and manifold related requirements for various public and private sector needs. Water Supply RCC Pipes, Casting RCC Hume Pipes, RCC Hume Pipes, RMT RCC Hume Pipes, Supply RCC Hume Pipes, Half Round RCC Pipes etc are all manufactured by KMC, processed through stringent quality controls at our central manufacturing plant.

KMC has been fabricating these structural implements chiefly for use in its infrastructure projects but is under active contemplation of producing them on a massive commercial scale. Made with the best composition of Reinforced Cement Concrete built around an armature of excellent metallic strength, our Hume pipes are designed to withstand the roughages of all kinds of use across a myriad range of utilities such as transfer of high pressure water, sewage, chemicals, oil etc. Further our Hume pipes are made per international specifications and are comparable with the best names in Europe or America.

Hume pipes of KMC are cost effective, versatile in utility, customised in shapes and sizes ranging from 100 mm to 3,000 mm, come with a choice of rigid or flexible joints and are absolutely competitive.

Irrigation and water supply projects, drainage systems, liquid chemical systems, oil supplies or other mega projects involving the use of pipes find optimum benefits in the use of KMC Hume Pipes.