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Pre Cast

Pre CastPre Cast concrete panels are most in vogue at most construction sites everywhere in the world as they effectively eliminate the expanse of time and are simpler to use than in conventional die and cast methods. KMC custom manufactures various kinds of Pre Cast panels using highly sophisticated manufacturing systems to ensure absolute precision.

Use of precast concrete in construction is assuredly economic, structurally sound, durable and an architecturally versatile method of construction. Use of Precasts as an industrialised form of construction has abundant and inherent advantages over conventional methods of onsite die and cast. Precasts save a lot of time, involve less expenditure, allow for reuse of moulds and yield less wastage by involving optimum usage of raw materials.

They also ensure structural efficiency with longer spans and shallower construction depths enabling flexibility and extended construction life. They also allow for greater leverage when facilitating transformations without major interventions into load bearing structures.

KMC Pre Cast concrete panels are manufactured overseeing essential elements such as Structural Aspects of Design and Performance issues such as Thermal Performance, Moisture Protection, Fire Safety, Acoustics, Finish and Durability and Maintainability. Our panels are available in various finishes and architectural shapes and can be used across a variety of constructions.