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Ready Mix Asphalt

Ready Mix AsphaltA major part of road construction anywhere in the country is normally completed with asphalt, which is a combination of asphalt oil, gravel and sand, heated and laid out on road surfaces. This usually lasts long as it is easy to perform repeated overlays on the road surfaces overtime. The initial cost of asphalt road construction is lesser than concrete. Further they are sound absorbing and have proved to be much quieter than concrete roads. They do not necessitate much hardening time unlike concrete roads and are ready within just a few hours time.

KMC manufactures all its asphalt mixes for road construction using hot mixing plants installed at all road construction project sites, using a careful blended formula, repeatedly tested for performance for each use. Each asphalt mix is designed based on the ground surface it is being used on, to provide the best surface which is both strong and long lasting bearing out even on the attributes of bad weather such as extreme heat, heavy rains, freezing temperatures and even excessive loads or traffic.

KMC hot ready mix asphalt is currently used in its own sites however is soon to be available as a commercially customised product for use by other civil construction agencies on a competitive pricing mechanism.