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Waste Management

Waste ManagementKMC is committed towards developing MSW management services that are economically viable as well as socially and environmentally acceptable. KMC is in the process of creating a network of technical resources and expertise that will take global environmental consciousness to new heights, particularly in the area of Municipal Solid Waste.

Effective planning is the essence of quality MSW management. By employing cutting edge technology and innovative solutions, backed by local and international expertise through partnership with leaders in the field, KMC provides unmatched solutions that help manage MSW. KMC is geared to Design, Build, Install and operate, within the required time frame, comprehensive solutions as a single point solutions provider for Municipal Solid Waste Management with focus on the following key areas:

  • Biomethanation
  • Waste Dumps Reclamation
  • Conversion of Organic fraction of MSW to hydrocarbon fuels etc.
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
  • Waste to Power  Projects

KMC offers specific and complete end-to-end solutions, through a variety of contract formats.

  • Service Contract/ Management Contract
  • Concession Contract
  • Lease Contract etc.

KMC Constructions Ltd is geared up to deliver effective solutions to a diverse clientele by leveraging the skill sets available, coupled with low cost execution capabilities and the latest technological advancements in this field.

To achieve the same in Solid Waste Management sector KMC has a backup of experienced professionals who have experience in Waste management sector. This department is headed by Mr. Shashank Shekhar – Vice President ably supported Rohit, Nitin and team.